Power prices are high, the power companies are gouging you, you want a clean environment, and possibly even to go completely off the electricity grid. Brimbank Solar can help you.

“I would certainly recommend Marcus; I found that he provides great service both during and after installation, and wouldn’t hesitate myself in using Brimbank Solar’s services again.” Stella Zimic, St. Albans

If you live in Sunshine, St. Albans or Deer Park, I would love to provide you with a long lasting, reliable solar system, and I’m willing to guarantee the savings.

I’m Marcus Power, a local resident, doing local solar installations – my reputation and livelihood is on the line for each solar system I install. I love living here, and am proud to be working in the clean energy industry that is saving money for energy users and helping cut Australia’s carbon pollution. I want you to come up to me in the shopping centre on a Sunday and tell me how great your solar system is working, rather than complaining to your friends and family that the system isn’t saving you the money expected. And I still want you to be happy with your system in 15 years time.

“Marcus installed my system several years ago, before he began focusing on supplying the Brimbank area. It was a huge investment, worth over $15,000 before rebates – three times today’s cost for a system of the same size! Marcus was very careful and meticulous in his approach, which I think is a key reason why the system has operated trouble-free since installation. I’m delighted with the cost savings and greenhouse gas savings achieved.” Bruce Rowse, Frankston

So my commitment to each of my customers is to be 100% fair dinkum. I’ll not just give you an estimate at how much money the system will save you, I’ll guarantee the savings. I don’t know of any other solar company supplying the Brimbank area who will guarantee savings!

I only use long lasting, reliable panels, inverters and components, and go to great lengths to ensure that my suppliers can honour the warranties they make on the lifespan of their equipment. I’ll listen to you and provide you a system that best suits your wants and needs, and not just try to sell the biggest system possible. I’ll carefully design your system to maximise its benefit to you, not just quickly wack any old system on the roof. And in the very unlikely event you do have problems, as I’m a local I’ll be there fast.

“I am very happy with my solar system. I’m using my own electricity from the sun and also pay my gas bill with my solar credits. They didn’t take long to install the system and I was very happy with installation and the help I received with all the paperwork. Brimbank Solar are a good solar installation company and I have already recommended Marcus to my friends.” Josip Zimic, St. Albans

Right now is a great time to put solar on your roof, as the federal rebates for solar panels are high, and more and more Australians understand the need to reduce our carbon emissions quickly. Give me a call on 0439328365 to arrange an obligation free quote.