When you put a solar system on your roof you want it to work reliably and provide you with a reasonable return on investment.

All solar companies, including us, provide a minimum 5 year guarantee on workmanship, and guarantees on the panels (generally 10 years or more) and inverter (generally 5 years or more), which is basically representations of the guarantees made by the manufacturer. I do the same (and by the way I’m very fussy about the quality of components I use and won’t sell you rubbish. Specifically I only use components from large, brand-name companies with strong reputations and the ability to honour their warranties).

However I go beyond these standard industry guarantees to also guarantee the savings you’ll achieve, so that you know exactly what the cost benefit is.

Unfortunately many cut-price solar companies provide you with an exaggerated estimate of the savings you’ll achieve, and make the payback look great – in fact too good to be true. A key complaint of many people who have bought solar systems to put on their homes or businesses is that the actual savings have been much less than they thought. This can be pretty hard on retirees and others on low incomes for whom solar can be a large investment.

Another problem with going with the cheapest possible system is the probability of failure, particularly of the inverter. I started installing solar systems in 2008 and since then have changed over 200 failed inverters installed by other companies that have just tried to get the job on price by installing low quality gear. An inverter change over cost is typically around $1,500, so buying a cheap inverter is actually a false economy.

Over promising on savings and then installing poor quality gear gives solar a bad name. I’d much prefer to provide realistic numbers for a quality system, rather than create false expectations.

So, provided the amount and pattern of electricity use in your home doesn’t change or electricity rates increase, I’ll guarantee the annual savings you will achieve, and reimburse you any shortfall over five years, based on the system performance over the first 12 months after its connection.

Furthermore I’ll look for every opportunity to reliably maximise your savings, and give you the best return on investment possible.

So, lets say for example I guarantee you savings of $600 a year, but over the first year you only save $500, I would then pay you back $100 (annual shortfall) x 5 years = $500.


As a resident in Brimbank I have a deep commitment to the “solarising” of our area – and this isn’t going to happen if people have been duped into believeing their solar system is only going to take 2 or 3 years to pay itself off and are then unwilling to recommend it when the payback is longer. So this guarantee is actually in my interest too. It helps me get ongoing work, based on my reputation, and also drives me to work hard to do all I can to maximise your savings so that the payback period is satisfactory to you.