Marcus took the hassle out of getting solar

For over 6 years my solar system has produced enough clean power to supply all my electricity needs as well as pay for heating bills over the winter. The system has more than paid for itself and has been a worthwhile investment. I found it to be an attractive addition to my home. The installation was stress free and was done with little inconvenience.

However the documentation required for the feed-in-tariff I found to be daunting. Brimbank Solar assisted me with all the necessary paperwork, otherwise I’m pretty sure it would have taken much longer to get the system connected.

For me one of the benefits was the follow-up and after service care. Three years after my installation the light on the display on the inverter went out and I was able to call Brimbank Solar to fix the problem. I would certainly recommend Marcus; I found that he provides great service both during and after installation, and wouldn’t hesitate myself in using Brimbank Solar’s services again.

Stella Zimic, St. Albans

Tis Marcus. Tis good

I am very happy with my solar system. I’m using my own electricity from the sun and also pay my gas bill with my solar credits. They didn’t take long to install the system and I was very happy with installation and the help I received with all the paperwork. Brimbank Solar are a good solar installation company and I have already recommended Marcus to my friends.

Josip Zimic, St. Albans

Solar pride – a big investment that gave back much more than money

Marcus installed my system several years ago, before he began focusing on supplying the Brimbank area. It was a huge investment, worth over $15,000 before rebates – three times today’s cost for a system of the same size! Marcus was very careful and meticulous in his approach, which I think is a key reason why the system has operated trouble-free since installation.

The PowerOne (ABB) inverter Marcus installed is a high-quality unit and has a great display, so I can show visitors graphs of how much energy is being produced today, the last seven days, the last 30 days and the last 365 days.This visualisation of the benefit the system provides really helps make the system and the clean energy contribution that is making meaningful to me.

Solar PrideIn addition to the financial benefit – I was able to get the 60 cent feed in tariff so the system has well and truly paid for itself – I am proud to say it’s also saved over 20 tonnes of greenhouse gas so far, and has made a big contribution to helping me be carbon neutral with respect to my home’s energy use.

If you decide to go solar I believe that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the great feeling you get when you know that your investment is actually doing something about climate change and global warming. Make sure you get an inverter that makes it easy for you to visualise this benefit, whether on the inverter display, or better yet on your smart phone! I hope you do make the decision to put in a solar system. And if you are living in the Brimbank area I recommend Marcus.

Bruce Rowse, Frankston